Friday, August 8, 2014

Star of Bon Scott Docudrama Comments On Malcolm Young's Illness and Absence From AC/DC

Rob Liotti, screenwriter and star of the highly-anticipated Bon Scott docudrama, Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised, has been seemingly mum since the announcement that Malcolm Young would not participate in the recording of AC/DC's upcoming album due to health issues. However, on the heels of Australian author Jesse Fink's publicised comments over the past few days regarding Young's departure from the band, we caught up with the actor to get his take on recent developments.

In a recent statement, Liotti said, "First, I am very saddened to hear about Malcolm's health issues. The guy has been a huge inspiration to me as a guitarist and songwriter, and I feel awful for his family. This is a huge blow to AC/DC as Malcolm has always really been the driving force behind them. Can they function without him? Certainly... Stevie Young is perfectly capable of stepping in for Mal as he did in 1988. However, it is a bit different dynamic with respect to the fact that he has recorded on the upcoming album."

"Stevie [Young] is an accomplished guitarist clearly influenced by his Uncle Malcolm. His work in Starfighters was good stuff, and he clearly cut the mustard when he toured with the band in '88," he continued.

Liotti went on to add, "Jesse [Fink] is quite right I think in his assessment that Malcolm will likely not be back with the band. I knew six months prior to the 'announcement' that something was up. I don't want to disclose the matter directly, but Jesse and I talked about it and some conversations I had with the AC/DC camp in the last year indicated that something was happening. It just so happened that Stevie was prepping. I just thought it was bloody shit that a radio DJ basically spewed at the mouth and leaked some rather private news regarding Malcolm's condition. Hey, I am probably not the highest guy on Malcolm's list as we had some contention over the movie project, but the guy is human and deserves some privacy - even as a public figure. He has a wife and kids and family, so people need to give him some space."

Fink just penned a book called, The Youngs - The Brothers Who Built AC/DC. The book quickly reached #1 Best Seller status in the U.S. for Rock and Roll Biographies just this week. According to Rob Liotti, he and Fink have 'communicated regularly' and have discussed some of the inner-workings of AC/DC. Apparently, the author writes about the Bon Scott film project and Liotti in the North American version.
The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, Jesse Fink
The actor stated, "Jesse was kind enough to mention me in the N.A. version of the book. It had already been indexed, so he could not do a full chapter. We may collaborate in his revised version should he wish. I am open to it. Jesse is a true pro with a passion for music and AC/DC. He and I hit it off immediately. He has been a supporter and very helpful. I look forward to meeting him personally and I promised him a book review which will be coming."



The Bon Scott film project continues to drive forward amidst some controversy with AC/DC and the Bon Scott Estate in Australia. High Voltage Productions, LLC. most recently announced that they had enlisted Emmy Award Winner, John Barnhardt, a touted cinematographer. Barnhardt jumped at the opportunity to film a trailer for the upcoming project and are in pre-production readying for that.





A representative for HVP said, "The announcement of John's involvement with the project brought over 13,000 Facebook views in a (24) hour period. The news spread very quickly."

Director J.R. Getches, who is prepping for the trailer said, "John brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the production side of this. We are excited!"



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bon Scott Documentary Filmmakers Enlist Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer As Project Moves Forward

Bon Scott fans will undoubtedly be elated as progress moves forward on the widely-reported documentary rockudrama, Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised. High Voltage Productions has officially enlisted Emmy Award wielding cinematographer, John Barnhardt, of Barnfly Productions to collaborate on filming of the proper trailer for the project. This has been verified after talks commenced between High Voltage Productions and the filmmaker.
News surrounding the project has been somewhat sparse for the past few months as a potential deal with NBC Universal in London was nixed due to internal conflict within parent company between Universal’s film and music division. Sony, a subsidiary of Universal, now controls AC/DC’s music catalogue, although Albert Productions surely retains options and artistic influence.
The teaming of Barnfly Productions and High Voltage Productions, along with the expertise of Barnhardt, is proof-positive that the project and its principals are moving forward. Barnhardt, a former college film instructor, left the seemingly secure surroundings of academia to cast out and pursue his own passion. Fast-forward six years and the cinematographer has not only scored a coveted Emmy, but has and is traveling the world shooting for Charleston, SC. based Litton Entertainment for eight years, and his work is seen on multiple networks.
According to High Voltage Productions, “John Barnhardt was recommended to us and some within our team were familiar with his work and unredoubtable work ethic.”
The film’s writer and star, Rob Liotti, stated, “John’s work and vision deserve no apologies. He is the real deal. He is an ardent Bon Scott fan, so he gets it. I am certain he will bring a great dynamic to the effort as we move forward. Face it, the better he is, the better I look,” he laughed.
Director J.R. Getches commented, “The addition of John to the team brings considerable experience and resources to the production side of the project.”
It is unclear as to whether the filmmakers are approaching Litton Entertainment, but High Voltage Productions has not ruled out the possibility that letting me be a viable company and we feel may benefit from an interest in this film production.
" As of this time, we have not engaged in any negotiations with Litton Entertainment. However, John [Barnhardt] is clearly associated with and works for them. Naturally, it would make sense to attempt to get an audience with Mr. Morgan at Litton if the opportunity presented itself," Liotti stated.
High Voltage Productions can be reached at ozmoviecasting@gmail.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Video: Rob Liotti's No-Holds-Barred Interview With Jay Conroy of ROCKHARDRADIO1

ROCKHARDRADIO1 of New Your City, NY. has released a video on YouTube with presenter, Jay Conroy conducting an in-depth interview with Rob Liotti, star and screenwriter of Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised. The interview examines some of the issues pertaining to the much anticipated music docudrama and gives a first glimpse into Liotti's feelings and opinions concerning the project being produced by High Voltage Productions, LLC.

"I had a great interview with Jay, and he asked alot of informed questions," the singer remarked.

He added, "I think he did a great job delving into some of the subject areas that most fans wanted to enquire about. And, frankly, some of the questions put me on the spot, but that is what a good interviewer does, right?"

It has also been reported that High Voltage Productions is currently in talks with another major production company concerning the project. They have been tight-lipped thus far, although they did previously acknowledge the potential deal with NBC Universal that did not come to fruition.

A representative for HVP said, "Like any other responsible production company, we don't want to disclose our negotiations until such time as a solid deal and all have agreed to publicize the union. What is unique about this project is that it has received considerable attention worldwide even before being shot. It is a hot project, and we want to do everything right to see that it meets expectations."

The video may be seen at this link:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bon Scott Docudrama Star Speaks With Radio Personality Jay Conroy

The star of 'Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised' recently spoke with hard rock presenter, Jay Conroy, of in what what is described as a no-holes-barred interview about the current state of the film project.

High Voltage Productions, LLC. who is the production company behind the film, stated that "Jay Conroy is a guy who talks with many of rock music's heavyweights... and we felt that he and Rob would mesh well in an interview situation."

The interview is set for first airing on Thursday, February 27, 2014.

HVP, LLC. also reported that, "Jay apparently asked some pretty pointed questions about some of the legal wranglings and threats by AC/DC and the Bon Scott Estate against the project..." which were apparently fielded by their star who also served as a screenwriter.

Interest in the project continues to grow as does the likelihood of being backed and greenlit given the brevity of the project.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Charleston City Paper - Wanted: New Investor for AC/DC Movie. Only Serious Applicants Need Apply

Posted by Margaret Vogel on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 3:47 PM

Something feels full circle about seeing your favorite music legend portrayed on the silver screen-Joaquin Phoenix killed it as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line, the Ray Charles’ biopic, aptly called Ray, took Oscar gold, and now the guttural rock and roll voice of AC/DC’s Bon Scott has the chance to be heard through movie theater speakers, and is portrayed by Charleston's own Rob Liotti.

And here's the best part. You hold the power to turn that possibility into reality. High Voltage Productions want you to prove your AC/DC superfan status by campaigning for a new investor to facilitate the making of the film — well, Hell's Bells bitches. The former investing plan [with NBC Universal] fell through, and the movie developers have opted for a different approach this time around before approaching other production companies. Pitching a feasible investing proposal could earn a fan up to $25,000 in finder’s rewards and, of course, the sweet satisfaction of knowing you’re the person who made it all happen. It'll also get you a screen credit so that satisfaction lives on for generations to come. Ideas and serious interest can be expressed to High Voltage Productions, LLC. at

See original article at:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

High Voltage Productions Offering $25,000 Incentive For A Lucky Bon Scott Movie Fan

According to High Voltage Productions, LLC., the American production company developing the highly-publicised Bon Scott docudrama, they have come up with an innovative funding participation method that could help a lucky fan become $25,000.00 richer.

Many filmmakers and artists have taken to the crowdfunding method of raising money for projects from films to music ventures and everything in between. With sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Crowdfunder available to fund-seekers, these companies helped raise some $2.7 billion dollars in 2012 according to the Crowdfunding Industry Report. And while it can be a successful outlet for those looking to raise seed money for projects or to fully fund their ventures, the company developing "Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised" has revealed that they plan to take a "different approach" to obtaining their backing for the film after their potential deal with NBC Universal in London fells through the cracks likely due to an internal conflict with AC/DC over ownership of their music catalogue.

HVP conveyed that they are prepared to offer a fan(s) "$25,000.00 US in "finder's money" and a screen credit should that fan directly produce a backer/investor to fund the proposed $5M budget for the project."*

"This is a terrific incentive for a fan who wants to see this film put into production!" exclaimed Rob Liotti who is slated to star as the late Aussie singer.

"I think it was a very basic approach to offering a quid pro quo incentive to an individual for providing a backer for this historic project. Basically, as I understand it, if an individual out there puts us in contact with an investor, venture capitalist, or simply a wealthy fan with the desire to back the project, they will be rewarded with a handsome finder's fee. What is cool about this approach is that it puts the ball in the fans' court and gives someone a fantastic opportunity and incentive to 'participate'. Hell, I agree 100% and think it is a great idea..." he said.

A representative of HVP stated that the current state of the project is that they have reached the point in time where they are now ready to seek out their production funding and move onto pre-production.

Interested parties may reach High Voltage Productions at

As the AC/DC tune says, 'Money Talks'...

*Terms and conditions will apply.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Former Bon Scott Stylist And Friend Slams Film Project

Seems a former friend and stylist to Australian rock star, Bon Scott, is none too happy with American filmmakers planning a docudrama about the late singer. Yet, the film's principle actor and associates seem unphased.

Mary Renshaw (shown in image attached courtesy Google Images), a fashion designer from St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia and a former close associate and stylist for the singer recently expressed some terse criticism of High Voltage Productions, LLC. and its efforts to portray her late friend in a planned film production.

The American production company has engaged in developing a docudrama film about the late AC/DC vocalist and stars actor/singer Rob Liotti. Renshaw and the late rock idol were close enough that letters from Scott to Renshaw are displayed at the Fremantle Arts Centre in Scott's adopted Australian hometown. His family moved to Fremantle after emigrating Down Under from his native Scotland while a small child with father Chick and mother Isabella. It has also been reported in 2008 that the stylist even wore a ring that Bon gave to his ex-wife, Irene. The late singer gave the ring to Renshaw after his amicable divorce.

The film project entitled, Bon Scott - The Legend of AC/DC Unauthorised has received entertainment news coverage all over the world as the much anticipated project works its way towards fruition.

It was reported by sources that Renshaw recently went on the attack and claimed about the production company and obviously their star: "this bunch is rubbish, [a] second-rate AC/DC cover band just trying to cash in..."

Responding to a recently released article in 100 Percent Rock Magazine, Renshaw stated: "The word artistic is the key.. Aren’t you guys just a cover band that are trying to get publicity , not in touch with anyone that actually knew Bon and out to make a sensationalised movie about a man who truly was a great human being.."

We contacted High Voltage Productions, LLC. for a response to Renshaw and reached the film's principle actor, Rob Liotti, who also penned the much-awaited screenplay.

"I typically don't respond to these types of critical remarks, but as Ms. Renshaw appears to have been a close friend of Bon, I will address her points," Liotti said.

"I am not sure to whom she is referring when she says 'this bunch'? I will assume she is referring to me as I am the singer who has portrayed her late friend for a number of years on stage. This film is being produced by a production company, not a 'cover band'. And as to her inflammatory remark as to me or the band that I have performed in as being 'second rate'? That is bullshit and everyone who has ever watched me perform would take issue with that..."

The singer went on to say: "As to her comment to 100 Percent Rock Magazine, I am not certain who she is to judge what or whom is artistic. Hey, not everyone is a fan; I get it... And that is perfectly fine, but she needs to realize that no one has taken the initiative to make a film like this in almost 35 years. I should apologize for that?!"

Liotti added, "I don't need publicity. People know who I am and what I do. The fact is that 90% of the fans that have ever commented are in favour of our project. No matter what I do, I am going to be criticized irrespective. I am fine with that. Mary also neglects to mention that I personally attempted to contact her to chat about the project and how she might help.  That wasn't a production assistant; that request came directly from me. And, who the hell ever mentioned that the film would 'sensationalise' anything?

He goes on to say, "I have spoken to many people who knew Bon and who wanted to help make sure the film was made with integrity. I don't need an integrity lesson on this. There is a reason NBC Universal, the largest entertainment company in the world, wanted to make this film reality for international television - it is because the story does have that integrity. Furthermore, every, single negative comment like that of Renshaw comes from someone who has never seen my acting or read the story. Whether she knew the guy or not is insignificant with respect to the making of this film, sorry."

High Voltage Productions stated that they are currently working on a filmed interview with key members of the production team to be shot soon according to Director J.R. Getches.